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Vitaly Paley has won the 2005 James Beard Award for Best Chef in the Northwest and Hawaii. He has been given many other awards including the Best Restaurant by the Portland Oregonian. He continues to get much praise and press due to creativity and his willingness to seek out the best local ingredients Portland has to offer.

From Vitaly Paley, the award winning Chef and co-owner of Paley's Place Bistro & Bar in Portland, Oregon, comes the most exciting news in the nutritional energy-bar market: The PaleyBar™. The PaleyBar™ stands out from the rest because it tastes delicious and uses no artificial ingredients.

The recipe, based on organic fruits and other ingredients grown on local farms, was developed by Chef Paley out of creative vision borne of necessity.

Chef Paley is an avid cyclist. Over the years he has consumed every brand of energy-bar. "On one of my rides, I pulled out one such bar. This time though, instead of unwrapping it, I asked myself, 'am I really this hungry?'.

He spent the rest of his ride energized instead by his own creative sparks. He began the design for an alternative energy-bar for himself, and, he imagined, for so many others who were tired of the same old flat flavors and even flatter textures.

PaleyBar™ is an extension of Vitaly's and Kimberly's practices at the restaurant. It is put together with the same care and attention to detail as every dish in their restaurant.

"We wanted to carry a message of good healthy nutrition based on whole foods" Vitaly says.

The result is satisfying and chewy, made with wholesome organic apricots, blueberries, tart cranberries, and intense figs, in a dense base of dry roasted hazelnuts and almonds. Protein rich oat bran and honey to round out the mixture.

With the help of professionals from the Food Inovation Center in Portland, Oregon it has come to life. We think PaleyBar is better than the rest: MUCH, MUCH BETTER!

You can find the PaleyBar™ at stores in the Portland, Oregon area. Just check out our locations page on this website, they are also available online.